About ICCA15

This is our vision. After our own bodybuilding milestones and experiences with food supplements, the idea of ​​our own trade with fitness products came up in 2005. With well-known brands such as Best Body, Multipower or ON, our first satisfied customers were won and over years the assortment increased up to whole power stations and facilities of fitness studios. When we decided to launch our own brand ICCA15, our current internet presence was also created under www.icca15.org.




Meanwhile, the name ICCA15 stands for good quality and has established itself in the fitness and bodybuilding scene. Over 11,000 registered customers (as of 09/2018) have used our online shop or our offers on or Amazon. Many thanks to all our customers who showed us their trust. The next step is launching our ICCA15 100% Protein in the coming year.

We stand with our products, made from the best raw materials and guarantee that all ICCA15 products are of top quality for the health and success of our customers.