Cool Muscle Building Method

How does the training plan read ?

For example, on the first day of training, bench press starts with a set of five to six continuous repeats. The lifting of the weight (concentric phase) lasts one second. The lowering (eccentric phase) is extended to four seconds (1/4).

The fifth or sixth repetition represents the last possible repetition in the training set with the correct technique! Another repetition on your own should not be possible. After the muscle failure, the weight is stored for ten seconds. This is followed by ten individual repeats, each with a ten-second pause (put the weight between repetitions!), With the concentric phase lasting one second and the eccentric phase lasting two seconds (1/2, 10).

The plan only shows the training sets. A sufficient general and exercise-specific warm-up is required! The weights are increased when the respective maximum repetition limits are reached.

The training plan: